Government of India had decided to launch a redesigned and expanded Scheme for Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment for 2023. Under this scheme (Part-V OFC), approval for the BharatNet Last Mile Connectivity Project has been accorded for an amount of Rs.184 crores. BharatNet Last Mile connectivity project envisages connecting 50,000+ Government offices by BharatNet Network.

Under this project, 50,000 kms of OFC from GP PoPs and Block POPs of BharatNet to various Government offices near these locations and to offices near the district Headquarters are planned to be laid. It is envisaged that existing Government offices covered under the present TNSWAN network will also be gradually migrated to this network.

TANFINET has obtained Internet service provider (IPS class B) license which it would be able to provide connectivity services to end users through the network implementation by TANFINET. This will help bridge the Digital Divide and enable the Digital revolution in the state. It will act as a catalyst in offering citizen centric services accessible at their doorsteps.